Client List
A definite perk to being a graphic designer is the amount of different people and organizations you get to work with. You’re the ones that keep it interesting, and for that I thank you.
Mark Sinnett, Author and Realtor
Red Squirrel Conservation Services
Kingston Association of Museums, Galleries and Historic Sites
Red Squirrel Conservation Services
Surveillance Studies Centre - Queen’s University
Film and Media Studies - Queen’s University
Purlin’ J Roving Yarn Co.
Salon Theatre
Kingston Derby Girls
Ironclad Graphics
Everlovin’ Press
Liz Cooper Photography
Cat London Photography and Editorial Services
Child Development Centre, Kingston Ontario
Canadian Nexus Ventures
The Fortress Group
Centre for Disease Control
Ratcliff and Associates
Old Macdonald’s Day Care
Aardvark’s Apprentice
Fat Goose Craft Fair
Lovin’ Spoonful
CJAI 92.1

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